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  1. 玛尔塔@美人鱼的书says

    那个小女人的版本很漂亮!我希望你尽可能多地喜欢这部电影<3我刚刚读完了我爱你,所以莫奇和它真的可爱,我迫不及待地在书俱乐部讨论它(这是我的第一次joining the monthly discussion and I'm n e r v o u s lol). And curiously, I've started Ghosts of the Shadow Market this morning! I'm doing it before I read Chain of Gold so I get more context hahaha

  2. Nushu @不是Prima Donna女孩says

    Love your Little Women cover!! I’ve read Starfish and Starry Eyes this month (pretty much more reading than I’ve done all year haha). Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to read some contemporaries and I Love You So Mochi so I can participate in Subtle Asian Book Club :).

  3. Priscilla Kong.says

    哦,我借了电子书的一点生命,也许是20%的方式?有趣但没有足够的钩子完成(加上我一直很忙)所以我最终不得不回来 - 希望你喜欢它!

  4. Alishasays

    i LOVE the little women movie. i’ve watched it so many times now and i still cry every time :’) an absolute masterpiece.
    as for my may tbr, i hope to finish my life next door, sadie (audiobook), a passage to india (for a class), and little fires everywhere !

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