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  1. Kyra Morrissays


    I want to start running this month. I’ve been doing a lot of exercising this month (I’ve actually been consistent??), but I want to try to do more cardio this month. I read SO much last month, and I’d like to read a lot this month too.

    • Priscilla Kongsays

      ooo that sounds amazing, kyra! i’ve also been pretty consistent with exercising and it feels great, although i do want to step up my game a bit… and yay for reading a lot!! what were your favorites from april?

  2. crissays

    I am glad you guys had a pretty good month! I hope May is a even better one and that all of you get to accomplish those goals on your list! I am ready for my semester to end (this is my final week and finals are next week). I am looking for things to do for when I have that extra time so I can avoid being on my phone, which has really been hard. I really enjoy reading your posts and I adore your writing! Loovveeee the photos btw, super cute!!! Sending you all postive vibes and smiles

    • Priscilla Kongsays

      你和你一样!祝总体幸运(我是这个/下周也是如此),我们差不多了!希望你能设法设置一些目标 - 是你想要工作的东西,但从来没有时间到现在才有时间吗?无论如何,请记住,您没有通过您的生产力定义,并且可以完全可以使用这次休息<3

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