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    • alexandra @ twirling pagessays

      YES I LOVE ALL THOSE. (it’s okay; that was me the first month i listened to who lives, who dies, who tells your story until i had to learn how to control myself because it was stuck in my head and every time i’d hum it in public, water works would not acceptable.) (you should do this tag!! if you haven’t already.)

  1. Tamara @ Tamaraniacsays

    i haven’t actually listened to any Hamilton… *shame* I’m just weird and REALLY don’t like to listen to a show’s full soundtrack until I’ve seen the show. I know how the story ends, it’s not like I’ll be spoiled or anything, buuuuuuuut. Anyways, I totally relate to that Mistborn answer. That trilogy will always be the reason for my tears, tbh. Also those upcoming releases! Ahhh I want them both SO MUCH.

  2. Heathersays

    I actually know next to nothing about Hamilton except that it’s a musical that is getting a lot of high praise. I really need to get into it, I guess? *lol*

    I would like to do this tag sometime soon. As I read the answers off, my husband said that it’s funny, all the answers could easily be Harry Potter.

    • alexandra @ twirling pagessays

      ahaha i didn’t actually realize EVERY QUESTION could be answered with harry potter, but looking back you actuallycouldanswer all the questions with HP! there was one prompt that was “a book you think will go down in history” and every single video/post i read said harry potter so i decided to skip the question. *hides* i dunno, but the answer is a bit too obvious?

      anyway, i hope you get a chance to listen to the soundtrack soon! it’s really not what i expected at first, but strangely addictive. i look forward to reading your tag post sometime!

  3. Tasya @ The Literary Huntresssays


    • alexandra @ twirling pagessays

      LOL it’s fine i had to google it a few times before i actually got what it was (a wildly popular broadway hip hop/rap musical about one of america’s founding fathers… not as weird as it sounds.) and YAY THE NIGHT CIRCUS! a bunch of the other answers i read all chose harry potter, but TNC has such a good ambiance and setting! the setting makes up like 80% of the plot line and it’s SO GOOD.

      i’m glad there’s another person that appreciates reyna’s existence because i feel like NO ONE talks about her. REYNA IS FANTASTIC. her ending in HOO bothered me because i felt like almost everyone got closureexcept for her。*shakes fist* also, i’m still waiting for my epilogue for the epilogue of champion. like, marie lu, can we PLEASE get something???? anything????

      • Tasya @ The Literary Huntresssays

        I know right? It’s so sad how everyone ends up with someone and Reyna is all alone. It’s not like I want her with someone, she’s awesome on her own. But best friends??? friends?? ghost friends?? ANYTHING??? She didn’t even get recognition for her part in helping nico and fighting! And yes Marie Lu, at least she could write a novella about what happened AFTER Champion, instead of BEFORE Legend! (I still loved it though!)

  4. Alicia @byaliciagracesays

    I totally agree, Champion needs an extra chapter. I remember when I finished it and I was literally searching everywhere for a small story written by Marie Lu on June and Day! I couldn’t find anything and I just want that little bit more! Reyna totally deserves more recognition!
    I have Six of Crows and all the Kasie West novels on my TBR! I guess I have to pick them up soon!
    (This was such a long caption: I had a lot to say! )

  5. 凯拉says

    我到处听到汉密尔顿和我得给的配乐听!我的天啊YES,雷纳是so underrated! And ooh, The Infernal Devices is freaking amazing :’)))

  6. sophia lifesays

    IM肯定会很快做到这一点的标签!我一直听汉密尔顿NON STOP在过去的两个星期,它是惊人的!爱你的选择以及书籍!我想读最黑暗的头脑和很快粉碎箱系列,但不会有太多的时间,直到夏天。*哭* IM正在阅读TID第三次,所以我想这会是我从这个系列的第三解酒,并一边整理,多达生病也可以整理天上火的城市,然后到午夜夫人!aaaand我才意识到我在第二句中做了一个意想不到的汉密尔顿双关语(哎呀)反正,爱这个职位!(:

  7. Faith @ Cozy Sweater Readssays

    Xan this post is PERFECTION. Hamilton is so amazing and it was great to see all your answers for the questions! I do have to say that I love all the songs with the King of England. He’s so sassy xD Though I also love the Schuyler Sisters and Cabinet Battle #1
    Another Fabulous post! =D

  8. Nataliesays

    This tag looks like so much fun but honestly I have no CLUE what Hamilton is so I’ll just admire this tag from afar. I REALLY want to start reading Kasie West, from what I’ve heard The Fill-In Boyfriend sounds like so much fun.

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