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  1. Silanursays

    Just like you, I absolutely ADORE booktube and booktubers. (Polandbananasbooks, abookutopia, emmmasbooks, blondie’s books, peruseproject, jessethereader, katytastic…I watch all of them. ) I’m kinda obsessed with booktube, and i want to actually make a booktube but my parents won’t let me post my self on the internet. Anyways, I think the drama going on between bloggers and booktubers is really ridiculous because like you said, the main focus of everyone is the same: we do it because we LOVE BOOKS. That’s it. I wish some other larger bloggers would understand that, because I’ve heard that they are the ones causing the drama.

    Awesome, thoughtful post as always Alexandra! I literally agree with everything you ever post.


  2. 菊@虚构的天际线says


    So far, the booktubers I check out most regularly are katytastic, PeruseProject, polandbananasbooks, and Jean Bookishthoughts. They’re all really hilarious but thoughtful too and their camera quality/editing is ace.

    Very interesting post, Alexandra!

  3. Nova @ Out of Timesays

    Yay! I like this post (:

    I have nothing against booktube for sure. I admire all the people who are able to put their faces out on camera because wow *claps for you* My “thing” that I love is how book chats are so much fun to listen to. I don’t really have the attention span for them, usually but they can feel better than posts because in a post, it might get really long and that alone looks daunting but with someone reading it, it feels shorter. or idk what i’m talking about haha.

    Tomorrow, I have a post on my reaction to the booktube vs. blogging video and crap… that might stir up some drama because I unfortunately, didn’t agree with some of it.

  4. Megan (ง︡'-'︠)งsays

    更多的戏剧?我觉得像faceplanting在墙壁上的某个地方,因为我发誓,即使是最小的事情炸毁这些天。就在几天以前,有一些争论围绕着博客谁抄袭其他博客的审查,被发现了,然后写了一个关于它说这一切都是为了一个职位“的实验。”而现在这一点。我绝对同意,无论booktubing和博客占据了很大的功夫,那也不是更优于或劣于其他。一个人即使占用更少的时间和精力,我仍然不认为这是正确的去谈论它,把它粘起来其他人的面孔,因为嘿 - 每个人都是不同的,每个人都做不同的事情。我希望人们尊重这一点。

    我不是一个booktuber粉丝,虽然!即使你gh videos should be more interesting than reading long articles, I’m like Nova — I just don’t have the attention span for them. >< I also find that I retain more from what I read, instead of what I hear. And I like showing people that I appreciate their thoughts and effort by leaving comments, and I feel more sincere leaving a comment on a blog rather than on YouTube. I'm super weird, I know! But yup, I'm totally in awe of people who don't mind putting their faces up on camera for the entire world to see and talking their hearts out about books, as well as spending HOURS editing their video to make it perfect. I don't have enough confidence to do that. T_T


  5. 米娜says

    All of this drama is really petty. We all share our love for books but we share it in different ways. I love booktube! I can 100% say that I wouldn’t have made a book blog if it weren’t for booktube. This pettiness has to stop. Maybe if book bloggers and booktubers did a collaboration? That would be cool

  6. Anniesays

    我不停地听到关于这个的一天,但有字面上不知道究竟是怎么回事,我还真不但是......对我来说,我没有对任何booktube什么!喜欢它只是一个不同类型的介质,虽然我不看booktube视频之多更多,曾经有一段时间,当我做看很多,我特别喜欢它。但是,是我会吮吸是一个booktuber。我实际上是通过想在一般使用YouTube的这个阶段去,但我妈呀实际上是可怕的。即使这两个视频,我没有电影让我畏缩呸呸,我想我其实是要带他们来,因为EW。filming takes sooo much time and then you have to edit as well and while i actually kinda like the idea of talking to other people, all the filming / video / techy stuff is kinda a huge drawback for me which is why i’m probably going to stay blogging. but yes basically this post is amazing.

    as for favourite booktubers: peruseproject and thebookbasement are ones that come to mind. there’re probably others i really enjoyed too but it’s been so long i can’t remember. do you have any recs as well??

  7. Katie @ Book Arrowssays

    This post is awesome! You basically described all my feelings on this situation. I love BookTube so much. It opened my eyes to so many new books, authors and genres. All of my favorite books I found because of BookTube. BookTube and blogging are both doing the same thing. Promoting and sharing their love for books. They just happen to be on different platforms. My favorite BookTubers are Christine (Polandbananasbooks), JesseTheReader, Kat (Katytastic), Regan (PeruseProject), Raleen (PadfootandProngs07), and those are just a few out of all the ones I watch. BookTube has become such a huge part in my life and even though I blog and don’t make videos, I still feel such a sense of community. Great post!

  8. 利@小书之星says

    首先,我爱你的博客!我是一个新读者follower and I’m glad I missed that drama because I agree with what you said, both are awesome since we’re all promoting books here! There are pros and cons for both booktubing and blogging, but it’s all about preference like you said. I’ve been literally thinking of moving to booktube because of the reasons you said. BUT I hate how my future vids would fill up my space in my laptop, and then having the video crash at some point and having to start all over. IT SOUNDS SO STRESSFUL (for me), I decided (like right now lmao) that I’ll just stick to blogging I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years and I realized that blogging will be my preference since I express myself better in written words than verbal. Wow I rambled a lot lol.

  9. Madeline (The Page Burner)says

    I think both blogging and BookTubing are great, but that may just be because I do both. I love discovering great blogs and BookTube channels. I love to connect with people who have the same interests as me. They both do the same thing, talk about books, so why should there be any conflict? The BookTube community is great and so is the blogosphere! Great post by the way!

  10. Natalie @ Flowers in my Bookssays


    I don’t understand the conflict, can’t we all just get along? BOOK CONTENT IS BOOK CONTENT PEOPLE.

  11. Ben Oliveirasays

    I started blogging and now I’m adventuring on YouTube. I’m from Brazil. Both spaces help me engage with other readers. Also, I’m a writer, so this helps me to promote my own work. I confess I’m not comfortable with filming but I’m getting used to it.

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